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Home Press Press Reviews Saul Berson Quartet Intricacy CD Review - The Vancouver Sun

Some of the seven original compositions on this nine-track recording by Vancouver's Saul Berson Quartet live up to the CD's title. Band members Saul Berson (alto saxophone), Kim Darwin (accordion), Tony Wilson (guitar), Paul Blaney (bass), and guest percussionist Boris Sichon performa intricate unison and harmony lines throughout Berson's Corner of Cairo & Main, all playing perfect sync.

Berson's Well Here's One also has a unison line played by sax, guitar and bass before giving way to a swinging blues. Just Do It, another Berson composition, begines with a riff and expands upon the theme, the leader turning in a wailing solo.

Darwin's Middle lass Dance beigins with solo accordion before Wilson contributates a spacey, at times psychedelic-sounding guitar statement.  Best track is Berson's Fragile Reality, which opens with a bluesy sax, has great feeling behind the notes, and sounds like a soundtrack for a moody film noir thriller.

Good compositions and unorthodox voicings make this CD worth your time.  It can be ordered through

Vancouver Sun January 10, 2008