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The Saul Berson Quartet Intricacy

Moco Loco Productions

The Vancouver-based Saul Berson Quartet released their third CD, Intricacy.  Established in 1998, original band members are still together, exploring new directions, creations and continuing to inspire and entertain audiences.

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Saul Berson's Alto sax jazz solos are, at moments, very lyrical reminiscent of my all time favourite Paul Desmond, and at other times very strident and bold like PJ Perry's.  He has bcome a mature jazz performer with his own style and proof is heard on his latest CD "intricacy" that allows Saul to stretch out in many directions and believe me, he does.

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CD Reviews: Saul Berson Quartet, "Intricacy"

Posted Thursday, November 15, 2007 - 10:56 AM

By: Edward Blanco

Based in the Vancouver area, the Saul Berson Quartet presents us with their third offering since the band’s establishment in 1998. Leader and alto saxophonist Berson has been performing for 25 years and during that time has delved into the world and Avant-Garde musical styles influencing the music on this recording. The music is non-traditional jazz incorporating Arabian rhythms as well using non-traditional instruments. The band uses the accordion, discards the standard drum and employs the classic Middle Eastern drum (darbuka) on one track.

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His business card says performance, composition, instruciton on sax, flute and clarinet and local jazzer Berson hits all of the above on this new CD.  With a unique configuration of this reeds, Tony Wilson's guitar, Paul Blaney's slap-happy bass and the oh-so-sublime accordion of Kim Darwin, the nine tunes here range from Duke Ellington's classic "Ko Ko" to

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